Staff List

School Staff

Name Role
Mrs M. Woods Head Teacher
Miss E. Brocklesby Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs J. Mullett Early Years Co-ordinator

Early Years Teacher  Class EYM

EAL Co-ordinator

Mr A. Skelton Early Years Teacher  Class EYS

Music, Art & IT Co-ordinator

Mr G. McGovern Year 1 Teacher 1M
Miss N. Greenway Year 1 Teacher 1G

PSHE Co-ordinator

Mrs L. Burrows KS1 Co-ordinator

Year 2 Teacher 2LB

Science Co-ordinator

Mrs J. Sparrow Year 2 Teacher 2S

RE Co-ordinator

 Mrs AM. Rooney  KS2 Co-ordinator

Year 3 Teacher 3R

Literacy Co-ordinator

Mrs R. Nicholas Year 3 Teacher 3N

Assistant Science Co-ordinator

Mrs E. Barratt Year 4 Teacher 4B

Maths Co-ordinator

 Mr A. Sweeney Year 4 Teacher 4S

PE Co-ordinator

 Mrs K. Hartley  Year 3 Teacher

Student Co-ordinator

Mrs L. Saunders

Mrs L. Johnson

Year 2 & 3 Teacher

Year 3 Teacher & PE Teacher

Mrs T. Mitchell School Special Needs Co-ordinator

and Safeguarding Officer

Father Craig Davies School Chaplain
Mrs R. Kennedy Office Manager
Mrs V. Sifford Office Administrator
Mrs K. Lane Finance & Estates Officer
Mrs R. Finch Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Monk Teaching Assistant
Mrs N. Murray Teaching Assistant
Mrs E. Churchill Teaching Assistant
Mrs T. Browne Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Maissa-Brown Teaching Assistant
Mrs L. Turnbull Teaching assistant
Mrs S. Moynihan Teaching Assistant
Mrs C. Barrett Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Baylis Teaching Assistant
Miss K. Courtney Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Lippett Teaching and Special Support Assistant
Mrs T. Sanders Teaching and Special Support Assistant
Mrs L. Ganderton Teaching and Special Support Assistant
Mrs T. Harrison Teaching and Special Support Assistant
Mrs F. Jones Teaching and Special Support Assistant
Mrs L. Edwards Teaching and Special Support Assistant
Miss J. Nicklin Teaching and Special Support Assistant
Mrs E. Srebniak Teaching and Special Support Assistant
Mrs L. Edwards School Cleaner in Charge
Mr M. Duffil Cleaning Assistant
Mrs D. Minhas Cleaning Assistant
Mrs C. Swann Cleaning Assistant
Mrs J. Healy Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs E. Hanson Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss K. Courtney Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L. O’Callaghan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L. Baldwin Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S. Cattell Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Bibi Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss J. Nicklin Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S. Moynihan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L. Ganderton Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs.E. Srebniak Lunchtime Supervisor

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