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Early Years Curriculum Information

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Evening PowerPoint

Family Maths – Have a look at this website. It gives you support in helping your child at home.

Rapid Recall October 2015

Presentation for EYS parents Oct 2015

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Early Years Curriculum Evening EvaluationForm

Letter regarding no longer coming into the classroom in the mornings. Hard copy sent out Monday 12th October 2015

Letter regarding no longer coming into the classroom

Letter about the phonic key rings your child has in their book bags

Key Ring Letter

How to learn the letters and sounds of the Alphabet

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Welcome to the EYS page on the school website and a very warm welcome to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic First School (Academy).

A big thank you to all Mums and Dads as well for leaving promptly in the mornings. This really does help the children to settle quickly and become absorbed into the classroom and what we do. Remember you are more than welcome to ring us at any point if you wish to.

I am extremely proud of how well the children have settled into the routine of School life. It is evident to see friendships forming and a sense of happiness from the children.

We are currently undertaking our baseline assessments with the children to establish the needs of every individual child. This allows us to plan our teaching so that you children get the most of the opportunities in School.

The children have been having lots of fun and getting messy. Please forgive us if your child comes home with a messy top, it is just a sign of good times!



Our Reception Unit is a two-way process and we want to work closely with you. If you have any concerns, queries or questions, no matter how small you think they might be, please share them with us. We are here to help each other for the benefit of the children and we will always try to help the best we can.

Don’t forget to look at a selection of the photos taken of our exciting adventures this week.

Many thanks,

Mr Skelton

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All that we do and learn in Reception is learnt through play and our excellent outdoor curriculum. This has provided the children in Reception with a rich and stimulating curriculum, that is both  broad and balanced. It has built upon the children’s experiences that they have had in their previous settings and given the children a breadth and depth to their learning. Our play based outdoor curriculum has provided the children  with an excellent platform to continue their learning journey.

 On PE days could you please tie your child’s hair back. PE is on a Tuesday and a Friday.

Please check your child’s book bag every day and don’t forget you can access the newsletter on the school website home page. The children will receive letters/ numbers or words from me to practise at home. Last year the children kept these words in popular pencil cases, tins and little pots. As your child’s knowledge of literacy and numeracy expands they will receive more letters/ numbers and words so it is a good idea to keep them altogether in these pencil cases, tins or pots for  us all to practise them.

We do lots of fun things in Reception so please take a look at our photographs from our first week in school! Any concerns you may have during the first few of weeks (big or small) or throughout the year please approach me and let me know as it can be sorted out. I hope that you enjoy Reception and any parents or carers who would like to come in and help us to hear reading or do some cooking or play games with the children please let me know.

Note – if your child is off school sick and you telephone the school – we still require a letter of absence. Thank you.

Please continue to  clearly name all of your child’s clothing  and any other item that your child wishes to bring in to school. There have  been a few misplaced items – however many of the items we have found do not have names on so it is difficult to return them.

If you would like to take your child’s PE kit or Forest School outfit home for washing please feel free to do this but please remember to return it on a Monday morning.
Thank you.
Thank you for working with us and saying goodbye to your children outside in the mornings. It is working extremely well and the children come in ready to listen and learn.
Thank you
Mr Skelton
The school day begins at 8.55am and  finishes at 3.10pm.


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If you arrive late in the mornings past 9.00 when the classroom doors will be locked (this is in line with the Attendance Policy that can be found on the website) you need to go through the main reception area and sign your child in. This is for the safety of all the children. Thank you for your support in this matte




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