Christmas Problem Solving Morning 

On Wednesday 14th December the children were given the opportunity to work with others from across the school as they participated in some Christmas themed problem solving activities. Staff commented on the perseverance and concentration shown throughout the morning by the younger children and were very impressed by the maturity shown by the older children as they took on the role of ‘teacher’ in their groups, asking the younger children questions to develop their mathematical thinking whilst encouraging and supporting them in their different approaches to solving the problems. All enjoyed the challenge posed by the problems (teachers and teaching assistants included) and are looking forward to the next event.


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Year 1 Family Learning Workshop

Thank you to all of the parents and family members who attended our Year 1 Family Learning Workshops, which focused on developing the children’s understanding of number. The children clearly enjoyed being able to share their learning and it was wonderful to see everyone enthusiastic to participate in the activities available throughout the morning.



Year 2 Family Learning Workshop

It was wonderful to spend time with the Year 2 children and their families during our recent maths workshops. Since the workshops took place, many of the children have mentioned playing the games we sent home, which is fabulous! Thank you to parents for your time and all of your valuable feedback. We are currently working on producing a strategy booklet for each of the year groups so that you can see which methods your child will be taught in class. Hopefully this will help you to support your child at home. In the meantime if you have any questions about how to help your child with their maths, please speak to your child’s class teacher or feel free to come and see me.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Barratt


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Maths Calculation Policies

Please find below our school calculation policy for each of the four operations. Each policy covers both the mental and written strategies taught in each year group. Whilst the documents show the strategies used across all year groups to enable you to see how children will progress, please focus on the strategies used in your child’s current year group (and where appropriate, the previous year group). The calculation policy has been designed to develop children’s conceptual understanding of each operation and as such we ask that children are not taught strategies which are used by children further up the school.

addition-calculation-policy subtraction-calculation-policy

multiplication-calculation-policy division-calculation-policy


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