Faith within our school

Our Faith




“Love God and love one another”


At Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic First School Academy we:

LOVE each other as God has told us to do.

SHARE our Catholic faith and love everyone.

BELIEVE that we can grow in God’s love.

Take pride and celebrate all that we ACHIEVE together.

Our school is a caring school where we are ALL valued.



Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic First School Academy is part of the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi-Academy. The four schools including Saint Augustine’s High School, Saint Bede’s Middle School and Saint Peter’s First School work together to share resources, best practices and ensure a well coordinated curriculum for all is delivered. Our Lady of Mount Carmel First School Academy is very much part of the Parish community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church.




  • At Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic First School Academy the Academy Representatives and staff are strongly committed to building and strengthening the Catholic ethos of the school in all that we do.
  • We strive to build upon the foundations of our Catholic faith, started from the home, and seek to provide an environment where beliefs and values of the Catholic faith are taught, explained, developed and nurtured.
  • We wish to foster, through our Christian beliefs, an understanding of differing faiths, views, peoples, cultures and customs.
  • We build a school where each child believes in their own potential, in an environment where they can succeed and achieve, echoed through our school mission statement.



  • Our vision is to help pupils develop a personal faith relationship with God, while being engaged in a dynamic and rich learning environment.
  • We aim to provide pupils with a challenging and varied academic curriculum that allows them to reach their personal goals and establish connections between life and learning.
  • We will provide innovative and engaging teaching through enjoyable child-centered learning experiences.
  • We provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities that support social interaction, physical development, and creative expression.
  • We aim to nurture and build a strong sense of community, provide a fully-inclusive education environment and foster partnerships which encourage participation, inclusion, diversity, a sense of belonging and a desire to learn through our Gospel teachings.
  • We work in partnership with parents and families to bring out the highest possible standard in each one of our pupils. Strengthening relations between home, school, parish and the wider community.


  • We are very proud of our pupils and all their achievements. We help them to grow in their faith through daily prayer, regular Masses, reflection and learning about the teachings of Jesus Christ being at the centre of all that we do.


  • As a Catholic School the religious ethos can be found across the whole curriculum and not just within the R.E. timetable. Every child attends weekly assemblies and regular Masses at school to enable Christian growth, not simply in their own faith but in the awareness of the world as maturing Christians.


  • In Year 3 Catholic children are prepared for their First Holy Communion. This programme runs from November to June, with Parents, School and Parish all having an important input.  During this period evening meetings for parents are held on a monthly basis, and four special Celebrations are arranged as a preparation for First Communion Day in June.


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