Dear parents/carers,

We are now firmly back into the swing of things with all of the children settled well into their new classes and the busy buzz of learning evident throughout the school! I have been so impressed by the children’s engagement and enthusiasm as I have visited classrooms this week – well done everyone! I have also seen some superb examples of cursive handwriting which we are launching across the school this year – please do join us for one of our family learning sessions taking place next week.


Congratulations to all of our Early Years children who have made such a positive start to their school lives over the last two weeks – we are really looking forward to having them with us full time from Monday.


For this half term’s Gospel Values and Virtues, we are thinking about how we can be ‘curious’ about everything and ‘active’ in our engagement with the world; changing what we can for the better. In our whole school assembly on Monday Mrs Brocklesby shared the story of Noah’s Ark and discussed the ways in which Noah was curious and active in his love of God. We are looking forward to seeing lots of names on our Values and Virtues tree to celebrate children who are displaying these Values and Virtues during this half term.


Classes in year 1-4 have also been busy choosing their School Council Representatives this week – this is a very important role as our School Council provide valuable ideas and feedback about how we can make our school even better. Last year they were involved in choosing playground rules, improving the transition process between year groups, sharing feedback about homework and designing ideas for improving the school environment. We are really looking forward to meeting our new Council Representatives at their first meeting next week.


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