We are a Catholic School, which looks to Christ for the basis of its existence.

We aim to be a happy, welcoming, worshipping and caring community.

We seek excellence in fulfilling the educational, social and spiritual needs of all our children.

We aim to ensure that every child enjoys learning, experiences success and develops their full potential.

We seek to encourage a dynamic interaction between home, parish and school.

We wish to foster, through our Christian beliefs, an understanding of differing faiths, views, peoples, cultures and customs.


For our pupils ………

To provide positive encouragement so that every pupil feels valued and listened to for the unique contribution they can make.
To develop in each child a sense of social and moral responsibility and encourage respect for others and for the world around us.
To provide a rich broadly balanced curriculum which encourages self discipline, a life-long love of learning and a lively enquiring mind.
To encourage the children to understand, respect, pray for and help those in need, regardless of their background, faith or culture.
To provide a variety of extra curricular activities.
To prepare them for a seamless transition to Middle School.
To use a range of teaching styles to  take into account the children’s different learning styles
To use ICT to enhance the quality of teaching and learning across the curriculum.
To provide regular opportunities for sincere moments of prayer, reflection and worship.
To provide the opportunity for baptised Catholic children to be prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.
To help all pupils to set high personal standards of achievement in both their work and behaviour.

For our families ………

To ensure that everyone who enters the school feels welcomed into a caring, Catholic community.
To develop regular and effective channels of communication so that parents and guardians feel true partners in their child’s education.
To seek opportunities to include families in the day to day life of the school.
To provide parents and guardians with feedback on their child’s development through termly parent evenings, curriculum evenings, annual written reports and opportunities for regular informal meetings.
To encourage families to accept their parenting responsibilities and support the school in its work.

For our staff ……

To ensure that every member of staff feels valued and confident to contribute to the school as a whole
To enable all staff to develop personally and professionally
To build quality teams that enable staff to work collaboratively for the benefit of the children.
To provide support and encouragement for all staff and to recognise their achievements.

For our whole community ………

To promote active links between families, school, governors and the community beyond.
To develop parish links by working in partnership with parish clergy, school chaplain, parish groups, deacons and parish sisters.
To encourage all members of our community to take an active part in every aspect of school life, including the celebration of Mass and other liturgies.
To provide a safe and secure environment so that each member of the community feels respected and valued.