The children have enjoyed focusing on the theme of ‘One Kind Word’ during anti-bullying week. Have a look at some of the acrostic poems yr 3 have written:

A little bit of kindness goes far

Never be rude or unkind

The world can help solve unhappiness

I am excited to play with people if they have no friends

Be kind and loving please

U can be kind no matter what

Lots of kindness is what we want

Lots of you are so kind

You can offer people compliments

I am nice to everyone in the world

Never choose to be unkind or mean

Got to be kind and loving to all.

Faith Y3

Always be kind to people

Never bully people

Try to stand up for yourself

Interest people to be your friend by not being mean

Be kind always

U need to be nice to people

Leave the room if you are being upset

Learn from the teachers who tell us not to worry. Talk to them.

You stick up for yourself.

Insist that bullies learn not to be mean

Never hurt people you see in person

Great people will always be nice to us

Amelia-Rose Y3



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