We would like you to watch and listen carefully to the assembly or daily prayers and reflect on them. This may include discussing points raised, asking questions, sharing experiences. During the videos please feel free to pause at any point, especially if questions are displayed on the screen.

Before starting, we would encourage you to create a peaceful space which may include lighting a candle as we do in school. (Please supervise any lit flame very carefully and keep at a distance from young children.)

We trust that this will provide an opportunity for children to continue on their individual journey’s of faith and to help you grow in faith as a family.


Join us in our weekly Collective Worship for Lent.

Week 2 – Lenten Lectio

Join us in our weekly Lenten preparation and reflection.

Week 2 – Journey with Jesus

Monday- assembly

Tuesday – Online Mass

Sunday 28th February

Tuesday – daily prayers

Wednesday – daily prayers

Thursday – daily prayers

Friday – daily prayers