Welcome to the Reception Curriculum

On this page you will find all the information you will need regarding your child’s education in Reception. 

Reception Weekly Timetable

Reception Timetable

Reception Curriculum LTP 

REC Curriculum Map September 2021

Reception Autumn 1 Topic Map


A guide to the new EYFS Curriculum 2020

EYFS a guide for parents ppt

Parents Guide to the new EYFS

End of Reception Year Expectations Throughout the year we will be working alongside you to ensure these outcomes are met at the end of the academic year. 

End of Year Expectations 2021-2022

How you can support your child’s learning at home

How you can support your child at home- Autumn 1 (1)

Reading and Phonics

Every child receives a daily phonics session in which they are taught to read and write.



A Parents’ Guide to Maths Mastery:

A Parents Guide to Maths Mastery

Rapid Recall

Maths fact fluency targets –  below is a copy of the Maths Passport your child will be working towards completing whilst with us. If you are looking to prepare your child for transition to  Reception you may want to look at the end of year expectations and help your child work towards these over the summer. 

Maths Passport – Reception to Year 4

Maths Calculation Policies

Please find below our school calculation policy for each of the four operations. Each policy covers both the mental and written strategies taught in each year group. Whilst the documents show the strategies used across all year groups to enable you to see how children will progress, please focus on the strategies used in your child’s current year group. The calculation policy has been designed to develop children’s conceptual understanding of each operation and as such we ask that children are not taught strategies which are used by children further up the school.

addition-calculation-policy subtraction-calculation-policy multiplication-calculation-policy division-calculation-policy