The Canal & River Trust are  excited to introduce a new resources ‘bundle’ as part of our digital learning programme – designed to keep children engaged in learning and active whilst at home.
The ‘Corridor for Nature’ bundle provides everything children need to research, design and build a canal-themed habitat. It’s ideal for curriculum-linked study, or as an exciting holiday project.

Please follow link for letter regarding provision for final three weeks of term for Reception & Year 1 children (w/c 29/06/20 – 17/07/20):

Letter regarding Reception and Year 1 Provision:

Please follow link for Reception and Year 1 Update:

From the week beginning 08th June we will be uploading two PowerPoints a week with the activities we are doing in school, with the year 1 children who are returning to school on a Wednesday and Thursday. This is so you can do the same learning at home with your own child if you wish to. These will be uploaded every Thursday.

Week Four:

Week 4

Week Three:

Day 1

Day 2

t-t-252265-phase-5-phonics-morning-starter-activities-powerpoint_ver_5 Year 1 Summer Maths Activity Booklet

Week Two:

Day 1

Day 2

Week One:

t-t-2547004-van-gogh-information-powerpoint_ver_1 (1)

Day 2
For this weeks home learning, please continue to send in your well being diaries and complete the maths activities below. Also see RE Unit of work and topic resources to research Vincent Van Gogh below.
Maths week 10 Summer Term:

Lesson 1- Ordering numbers

Lesson 2- Recognising coins

Lesson 3- Recognising notes

Lesson 4- Counting coins


Maths week 9 Summer Term:

Lesson 1- Counting to 100

Lesson 2- Partitioning Numbers

Lesson 3- Comparing Numbers

Lesson 4- Comparing Numbers (2)

Maths week 8 Summer Term:

Lesson 1- Making Arrays

Lesson 2- Making Doubles

Lesson 3 – Making equal groups (sharing)

Lesson 4 – Making equal groups (grouping)

Maths week 7 Summer Term:

Lesson 1 – Count in 2s

Lesson 2- Count in 5s

Lesson 3-Count in 10s

Lesson 4- Add equal groups

Maths week 6 Summer Term:

Lesson 1 – Compare length and height
Lesson 2 – Measure length (1)
Lesson 3 – Measure length (2)
Lesson 4 – Introduce weight and mass

Please follow link below for letter regarding possible phased reopening of school from 08/06/20:

Letter Regarding Phased Reopening of School from 08/06/20:

 School Tour for Reception and Year 1 children returning on 8.6.20

A lovely story to share with children:

We hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine! Please continue to read and do daily phonics sessions with your child using the resources below. This week we would like the children to keep a  Well-being diary of what they get up to every day. We have provided a format for this but if you don’t have access to a printer please use the handwriting books which we sent home. For those of you possibly returning to school next week please bring these with you to share with your group. If you are not returning please forward your child’s to the school office so we can share them with everyone.


Please share this with your child if they are returning to school.Coronavirus-back-to-school 

Over the next two weeks we would like you to work on understanding capacity. Use resources you have at home to compare and order capacity. You can also work through the powerpoints and capacity document to help you.


Presentation – Comparing Capacities


Good morning, a big thank you to all the parents who have been sending the children’s work to the We have loved seeing your maps and information on Redditch and your work on time.

If you haven’t sent you maths assessment yet or your work on Redditch please do this asap. For those of you that have completed all the work so far we would now like you to make a ‘Time capsule’ to capture everything you have been up to during the last six weeks. You could decorate a tube for everything to go inside. Please click on the pdf to see all the things you can put into it.

Time Capsule Sheets


This is a lovely book you may want to share with your children about why we are having to stay at home.


Coronavirus Information For Children

Good Morning lovely year 1 children, we are missing you so much but are really pleased to see the wonderful work that you are doing. Please continue to do the topic work below if you haven’t completed it already. This half term the children would have been learning about time. Starting by ordering events in time order, days of the week, months of the year, reading and writing the time to the hour and half hour. You can do this by learning songs to help you know your days of the week and months of the year in the correct order. I have also included a template so you can make your own clock at home to help you.


whatsthetimemrwolf T-N-5481-KS1-Interactive-Clock-Games-_ver_4 T-N-5079-Telling-The-Time-Board-Game-KS1-Oclock-and-Half-Past

To start our new term we would like the children to complete a Maths Assessment. You can read all the questions to your child and they can have extra paper, a ruler and objects to help them count.


Now our new topic is ‘Around the World in 80 Days,’ for this week we would like you to start by doing a little research about Redditch. Please find out five facts and if possible do a drawing of the town centre with a key and symbols. Please email your work to We look forward to seeing your results.

Our Maps of Redditch

Max in 1B, has been busy at home doing lots of work including his lovely work on Redditch.

Max homework 2


Joshua in 1B, has drawn a very detailed map of Redditch, well done.

George in 1B, has completed his map and information, well done.

Zayrra in 1B, has drawn a lovely map of where she lives.

Alethia in 1W, has drawn a wonderful map and key and included her five facts about Redditch.

Imogen-Rose in 1B, has drawn her own map and written five super facts about Redditch.

Evan in 1B has been really busy doing lots of work on map symbols and finding out information about where he lives.

Seb in 1B, has drawn a fantastic map and told us some fabulous facts bout Redditch.

Maja in 1B has been busy with her felt tips to make her map of Redditch.

Kian in 1B, a brilliant map and facts, well done!

Connor in 1B, worked hard with his Dad to produce a fantastic map and some very interesting facts.

Isabelle in 1B, has drawn a lovely map and key of Webheath and found out five facts to go with it.


Olivia in 1B, has completed her map of Redditch, well done.

Annabel in 1B, has  drawn a wonderful map with a key and has found out some information about Webheath.

Thomas 1B has produced a wonderful map of Redditch using pictures for the key. He has found out some very interesting facts about Redditch which he has put into a power point.

Redditch Thomas Kelly

Sophie in 1B, well done you are the first person in year 1 to do this work.

Build a Busy Town Cut and Stick Activity

Travel and Transport: Geography | Map Work #1

All our wonderful ‘Life Cycle of a Butterfly’ work!

Well done to Seb 1B,  for using things in his garden to represent the life cycle of a butterfly.

Alethia 1W, Wow, what beautiful work you have created, well done!

Sophie in 1B, was a very lucky girl and watched her caterpillars metamorphosis into beautiful butterflies.

Sophie’s Letter


Erin 1W, has used play dough to make her life cycle.

Annabel from 1B and her little brother, what excellent work you both have completed, well done!

Well done to Imogen-Rose from 1B, what a great idea using pasta!

Lovely work George, I like the Lion who helped you.

Our first Powerpoint from Connor in 1B, well done very informative!

The Butterfly Lifecycle – April 2020

Beautiful work from Thomas K in 1B, well done!

Well done to Jakub in 1W, I love your life cycle, it’s very colourful!

Fab work from Evan in 1B, well done.

The following websites may contain useful information for you and your child during the period of school closure. The children are also bringing home Handwriting books and activities. Feel free to use these and return to school when we reopen

#OnlineSafetyAtHome from ThinkUKnow

Username: student31678

Password: pupilmc

Phonics Resources:

Mr Thorne does phonics

Phonics Play

Phonics Screening Check Past Papers

Topic Resources:

Researching Vincent Van Gogh:

RE Resources:

Following Jesus Today Summer 2:



Maths resources:

FANTASTIC FREE ONLINE MATHS LESSONS – – a selection of lesson videos showing how a selection of concepts are taught in school. – a selection of mathematical activities to challenge children – Power Maths is a resource used by teachers in school to plan and resource lessons. Textbooks are £6.99 each and children’s workbooks are £1.99 each. The mathematics curriculum for each stage is split across three textbooks and three workbooks; A, B and C.

Key Stage 2 Key Stage 1
Stage 4 (Year4) Stage 3 (Year3) Stage 2 (Year2) Stage 1 (Year1)
4A 3A 2A 1A
4B 3B 2B 1B
4C 3C 2C 1C – children’s logins can be found in their HSL books.

Maths – Consolidation of previous learning: Addition and Subtraction

Below are links to Powerpoints and activity sheets that are designed around the Teaching for Mastery approach adopted by our school. These activities will compliment the teaching and learning that has been taking place in classrooms. Where resources are required we recommend using household objects such as buttons.

Lesson Videos:

A Year 1 lesson on difference as a form of subtraction – NCETM Part 1 (Click accept cookies to view the selection of short videos).

Powerpoints and Activities:

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT1 Part-whole model 2019                         Activity: Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO1 Part-whole model 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT2 The addition symbol 2019                                    Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO2 The addition symbol 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT3 Fact families – addition 2019                                Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO3 Fact families – addition 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT4 Number bonds within 10 2019                              Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO4 Number bonds within 10 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT5 Systematic number bonds 2019                           Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO5 Systematic number bonds 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT6 Number bonds to 10 2019                                    Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO6 Number bonds to 10 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT7 Compare number bonds 2019                              Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO7 Compare number bonds 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT8 Add together 2019                                                Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO8 Add together 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT9 Add more 2019                                                     Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO9 Add more 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT10 Find a part 2019                                                 Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO10 Find a part 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT11 How many left_ (1) 2019                                    Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO11 How many left_ (1) 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT12 How many left_ (2) 2019                                    Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO12 How many left_ (2) 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT13 Subtraction – break apart 2019                           Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO13 Subtraction – break apart 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT14 Fact families – 8 facts 2019                                Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO14 Fact families – 8 facts 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT15 Count back 2019                                                Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO15 Count back 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT16 Find the difference 2019                                     Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO16 Find the difference 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT17 Compare statements (1) 2019                            Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO17 Compare statements (1) 2019

Y1 Autumn Block 2 PPT18 Compare statements (2) 2019                            Y1 Autumn Block 2 WO18 Compare statements (2) 2019

Recommended Stories For Yr 1 to Share at Home:

Science at home resources:

Ogden Trust resources – for example Phizzi Problem solving, Phizzi practicals etc

– Marvin and Milo experiments –

– Science Museum resources – eg Rocket mice etc –

– 101 experiments on Sublime science site –

– ASE great bug hunt (fun whether competition runs or not?) –

– Science Sparks –

– WhizzPopBang magazine – – maybe now’s the time to get some back issues!

– BP resources –

Spring 2. RE/ Maths/Literacy/Topic

Spring 2Literacy-Numeracy- RE and Topic 2020

Phonics Screening Presentation

Yr 1 phonics & screening check 2020

Year One, Long Term Plan

curriculum map Year 1 2019 2020 final

Spring  Term  1st Half  Maths/Literacy/|Re/Science/topic

Spring 1-Literacy-Numeracy-and-RE-2020

Calculation-policy Sept 2019


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