Coronavirus Information For Children

Welcome to the Year 3 Curriculum area.

Here you will be able to see what we are teaching the children and what they will learn by the end of the units. We have also put together some optional Home Learning ideas if you would like to further support your child. In line with our school policy, there is no compulsory homework.

Click image for link to VE Day information and activities.

Home Learning Resources During School Closure

Click images for subject pages. Please refer to ‘Useful Websites’ letter above for any login details required

Please do not feel that you have to print any worksheets for the tasks on the subject pages. They can be completed verbally or answers can be written on paper or in any exercise books that were sent home.

This link takes you directly to the current day for the BBC Bitesize daily lessons.

For those wishing to extend their learning – there is a great range of activities available here.

Curriculum Planning

Ideas for Extra Home Learning Activities