At Our Lady of Mount Carmel First School, recognising a need and providing early help to our pupils and their families means that we are able to work proactively in offering effective support and guidance as soon as a need emerges.The school has developed a robust and diverse early help offer which is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is responsive to and continues to meet the changing needs of pupils and their families.

The school’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) meet weekly to discuss the needs of pupils who may benefit from early help and appropriate strategies are agreed and implemented to meet the specific needs of individuals and their families. The SLT consists of the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Deputy Safeguarding Leads and Phase Leaders (further information can be found on the safeguarding page).

In addition to providing an open and caring environment where children and adults feel comfortable in sharing any concerns or difficulties they may be experiencing, we pride ourselves on taking the time to know our pupils and their families, valuing the importance of a strong home-school link. Our early help offer has provided many of our pupils and their families with the tools they require to make positive change and support to deal with difficult circumstances.