You will receive a registration email from containing a unique invitation code w/e 06/07/18. Once you have downloaded the app, you will need this code to set up your SIMS Online Services account. If you haven’t received your registration email by the end of the week, please check you SPAM folder before contacting the school office.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  To register for SIMS Online services products, you will need one of the following accounts: Microsoft, Office 365, Google, Facebook, Twitter.

Follow the link in the email to be directed to the Sign in page.

Parents and students must NOT attempt to register using SIMS ID. The SIMS ID option is for use by school staff only. Click the icon for the relevant third party account and you will be directed to sign in using your existing details.

Once you have your Sims app up and running please ensure your contact details are correct and up to date,remembering to amend when necessary. More importantly, we need you to complete your consent page. Without this, we cannot share your child’s success on our newsletter, website or facebook.…/SIMS-App-Parent-letter-03.07.18.pdf

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