Another great week of work from our amazing children at home and in school. We thank all our parents and families for their continued support with home schooling. Everyone is doing great and we hope everyone enjoyed some much needed wellbeing time this week. See you soon, we miss you lots.


In reception this week, the children have been learning their first trigraph ‘igh’ and have been learning about the lifecycle of a plant. The children made seed mosaic pictures.

Year one got into a right mess when giving ‘an alien’ instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. They also had some fantastic writing from the children at home. Well done!

In Year 2, the children have been learning to add 2 digit numbers this week and also enjoyed learning about how to keep our bodies healthy. Some children in school enjoyed making some Valentines Day cards and one child in 2S made an amazing ‘Looking forward to’ jar at home. She included lots of adventurous ideas to look forward to. What a brilliant idea, I will definitely be making one of these myself, well done!

Year 3 have been looking at the Romans and their way of life. A couple of the children have taken the learning to after school club and created a Roman versus Celts battle and are adding parts of the village daily. Love this!

Year 4 have received some fantastic comic strips this week from the children at home and they have enjoyed doing some art this week also. Very impressive!

Well done to all our amazing children, we are so proud of you!


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