During health week, we welcomed Will Hussey, from ‘The Art of Brilliance’, who made his return visit to look at all of the ways that we have embedded the ‘2%er’ attitude to learning throughout the school. Will was extremely impressed by the culture of building resilience and a positive mind-set that he experienced through visiting classrooms and talking to children and staff. We are delighted to announce that, following his visit, we have been awarded our ‘Outstandingly Happy School’ Status!

We were very proud of many of Will’s comments in summing up our school community including that, ”Perhaps most telling was not the words that were spoken, but the manner with which they were consistently articulated: with pride, compassion and a certain joie de vivre. Staff were warm and welcoming, pupils were interested and keen to impart what they know,” and, “I’m aware that I can’t possibly provide a comprehensive reflection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel First School merely by way of words on a page, so my advice is to visit and experience the warm and welcoming atmosphere for yourself! The school is committed to doing what’s best for its pupils in the broadest sense of learning. They recognise the worth of the individual and the collective, with staff leading by example; their actions speaking louder than their words. This is a school that takes its mission seriously: ‘to love God and love one another.’ This is an Outstandingly Happy School.”

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