Dear Parents/Carers, 

Thank you so much to the children who sent in Hail Mary videos for the MAC Rosary project. We were delighted to have so many children from Mount Carmel represented in the first completed decade. Please follow the link to view the video: 

I would like to share a wonderful poem written by Larissa in yr 4: 

In Quarantine! 

Once there was a time of year, 

When this horrible nasty virus was here, 

and in most countries it had spread. 

At least it showed others to check on their families, ‘stay safe’ everyone said. 

I missed everyone, from family, to friends, to teachers, 

Even those strangers who smile. 

Everyone wanted to be in quarantine in style. 

I was worried about everyone as much as I missed them, 

(and as you know I missed them a lot!) 

and thanked the key workers who gave everything they have got. 

For the future everyone will act so much more different now. 

A hug and a smile can make a difference, now we all know how. 

By Larissa  

We have been very busy this week preparing the school site and undergoing staff training, in line with government guidelines, in preparation for welcoming some of our reception and yr 1 children back next week. Our remote learning resources will, of course, continue for all year groups across the school at this time.  

As school has now been able to reopen, staff have also loved having the opportunity to make contact with children and families from their classes – these calls will continue as staff return on site next week. 

Enjoy the weekend 

Mrs Woods 


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