Time – what we would like you to be able to do:
learn some facts about units of time and
tell the time using an analogue clock.

We have provided some film clips to watch; some online games to play; an interactive clock to help you learn to tell the time and some activities to complete (work directly from the screen or print out the sheets if you are able to).

The best way to learn to tell the time is to keep looking at a clock. Work out what time it is now and how long it will be until the next thing you are planning to do.

Units of Time

Measuring Time – BBC Bitesize

Telling the time

Top Marks – Teaching Clock

Choose the Analogue clock setting.
Set the time to 12 o’clock then move the hands different amounts of time by clicking on the + and – buttons.
Watch what happens to both hands as they move to the new time.
Work out what time the clock is now showing.

How to read a clock – BBC Bitesize
Telling the time in words

Select the level you want to practise – you will be given a clock time and have to read time in words to find the answer.

Matching Pairs – Time game

Choose Analogue to Words activity then choose the level you want to practise.