At the Shakespeare Centre, Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, our six Science Assistants from Mount Carmel Catholic First School under the guidance of Mrs Burrows, the school’s science lead, were at the heart of the science action as they helped children to create ‘Rocket Mice.’ This activity involves shooting a rocket high into the air by rapidly squashing a plastic bottle launcher. It gave the children an opportunity to investigate the effects of air pressure, air resistance and gravity. The Science Assistants helped answer many questioning on forces.

‘I liked teaching other children about forces, air resistance and gravity. It was lots of fun helping others to make their ‘Rocket Mice’ at ‘Fun Palaces.’ Erin (yr 4).

Ryan and Elliott (yr 4)  were also interviewed by the local radio station about why they love being ‘Science Assistants.’


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