Live Session 10:30 am Thursday 4th March

Session is approximately 30 minutes.

Author and Illustrator Masterclasses

R&KS1: How to create a picture book theatre.
KS2: Telling funny stories
Visit the Oak National Library and listen to authors talk about their books and writing.

Who is the Masked Reader?

Get your paper and pencil ready to make some notes on who is behind mask- all will be revealed at the end!

Have a screen free afternoon to bring your favourite story to life.

We want you to create something related to a story you really enjoy reading or listening to.
You could design a book mark with your favourite scene or quote.
Why not make a puppet of your favourite character – out of an old sock, from a wooden spoon, on a lolly stick, out of cardboard with split pins or make finger puppets.
Maybe you could retell the story in a different way such as a storyboard or with Lego characters.

Here are some other ideas of things you might like to make or do.