Volcanoes topic

We hope you enjoy this topic on Volcanoes. We are going to learn about what a volcano is, how they are formed and where they are found. We have included some ideas of how to make a model volcano, including instructions on how to make it ‘erupt’. Please feel free to use and adapt the ideas provided or to make your volcano in a completely different way. These topic materials will be available until Friday 15th May to work through at your own pace and to give time to gather resources and enjoy your model making. Have fun everyone.

What are volcanoes?

Watch the film clip, read the information and complete the activity.

Where are volcanoes?

On the interactive map, click on the Volcanoes button, watch the films about volcanoes around the world. Feel free to explore the other Natural Disasters shown on this map.

How are volcanoes made?

Watch the film – it was made for American children – there are no active volcanoes in the British Isles.

Natural History Museum

There is lots of information about volcanoes for you to explore on this website as well as an idea of how to make a model volcano.

More ideas for how to make your own model volcano.

Volcanoes of the world

Volcano cross-section to colour and label

Volcanoes glossary to create

Volcanoes wordsearch

Volcanoes Challenge wordsearch