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On this page you will find resources and links to help your child with their Topic work in Year 3.

We hope you enjoy this topic on Rivers.
As before, we would like you to continue visiting rivers or streams near you – to watch them flowing, to walk along the riverbanks, to try and catch a glimpse of any wildlife, to spot some of the river features we looked at previously for yourself and have more games of ‘Pooh-sticks’ if you can find a convenient bridge.
Have fun everyone.

Current activities

Rivers have provided water and food for those living near them for thousands of years – to finish our topic we are thinking about the importance of keeping rivers clean and what happens when a river floods.

River Pollution

This film clip talks about why it is important to keep rivers clean and free from pollution.

River Clean Up

This film clip talks about how we can help to keep rivers free from pollution.

Boscastle Flood

This film clip shows how dangerous Flash Floods can be and why great care should always be taken if there is a risk of Flash Floods.

Previous activities

Rivers have provided water and food for those living near them for thousands of years – this week we are thinking about what life is like for those who live near rivers and whose lives are dependent on them.

The River Nile

The Ancient Egyptian civilisation began on the banks of the River Nile.

In these film clips, 3 children explain about how their lives are dependent on rivers. We would like you to imagine you and your family live by these rivers and talk about how your lives would be different.

Living by the Li River

Zhao Zhenhui lives on a little island in the Li River. The inhabitants must use a boat to cross the river onto the mainland – even school requires a boat journey every day.

Living in Cologne – on the River Rhine

Nine-year-old Niklas shows us what life is like in this city as he watches the river barges sail past, laden with cargo from the North Sea ports.

Living in Rotterdam – on the River Rhine

Rotterdam sits at the mouth of two rivers, the Rhine and the Meuse. Martine, a local Dutch girl, shows us around the busy port.

In these film clips, we look at life in India – focusing on the importance of the River Ganges and the Brahmaputra river, in particular the people whose lives are dependent on the rivers.
We would like you to imagine that you are there visiting the River Ganges – talk to someone about what you can see, hear and smell.

River Ganges – India’s Sacred River

The Ganges lies at the heart of the Indian nation. It is 2500 km in length, flowing out across the vast plains of Northern India. It supports the lives of one twelfth of the world’s population. It is Sacred to Hindu’s.

River Ganges – The Sundarbans

Here the mighty Ganges ends its journey and spills out into the sea. Over millions of years the river has lain down a vast expanse of mud and from it carved out a maze of over 100 islands known as the Sundarbans. 

Brahmaputra river in India – Majuli, the Shrinking Island

Majuli was once one of the largest river islands in the world. But not anymore. The island is shrinking…fast. The size of its landmass is only a third of what it was a hundred years ago. It is the raging river that threatens the island.


World Rivers

Rivers of the World

Watch the film – it explains about the importance of rivers and shows a number of major world rivers.

Rivers of the World – factfiles – click images for links


Quizzes to see if you have remembered the location of major World rivers from the film clip and factfiles.

Labelling major rivers on a World map

Choose a world river and find out more about it – we have given you some templates to help organise your ideas.

Link to information website
Images of World Rivers
Images and information – names are long because they are the entire river system.

The Water Cycle and UK Rivers

The Water Cycle

Watch the film – it shows how a water is constantly moving around the world, changing from liquid to gas and back again.

Rivers and the Water Cycle

Watch the film clip, listen out for new vocabulary and explanations.

UK Rivers – factfile

Guide to the River Thames and River Severn

Rivers – from source to sea

A quiz to see if you have remembered the location of UK rivers from the map and factfile.

River Features

A River Journey

Watch the film – it shows how a river changes from the source to the mouth and the vocabulary used to describe it.


Watch the film clips, read the information and complete the min quiz.

River features – factfile

River features – images

A quiz to see if you have remembered the names and meanings of river features you saw in the film clips and read in the factfile.

River features cross-section to colour and label

Labelling river features

River features glossary

River features – matching words and meanings

River features wordsearch

River features Challenge wordsearch

How to play ‘Pooh-sticks’

Just in case you haven’t ever heard of this game – this film clip explains it …