Year 3 had a truly wonderful visit to the Gurdwara yesterday to learn more about the Sikh religion. We could not have been made to feel more welcome! From the moment we arrived, Shin, our volunteer taught us about the Sikh faith, showed us precious symbols and pictures and answered all the questions we wanted to find out the answers to. We were welcomed into prayer and greeted so warmly by all we met. It was lovely to hear from a lady visiting that they were so impressed with the behaviour, reverence and respect shown by all our children. We are always proud of their conduct on school visits but to hear it said by a member of the public always makes us proud. Before we returned to school we were invited to share lunch in the dining area with others where volunteers had arrived at 3am to prepare chapattis, dhal and other food for our arrival and the arrival of anyone who visits. Everyone is a volunteer, everything is run by donations from the community and there really was a spiritual, community atmosphere to everywhere we visited.

I would like to thank all the parents for helping us to show the children that through embracing the religious customs of another faith, through covering our legs and head that we are teaching the children that it is wonderful to be different, to share and learn together and to realise that our faith is the same as the faith of others, we all have God at the centre. How lucky our children are to grow up in a world of diversity and to be able to experience it all.

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