60 second personal challenges for Redditch schools

Around the World – How many times can you pass a ball around your waist in 60 seconds? If you drop the ball you need to pick it up quickly and carry on. If you do not have a ball you can use a pillow or a cuddly toy.

Skipping Challenge– How many times can you skip in 60 seconds? Both feet must land over the rope for the skip to count. If you do not have a rope, do not worry, you can jump on the spot or use a dressing gown rope!

Tap up Tennis – How many times can you tap up a tennis ball on a racket in 60 seconds? If the ball touches the floor, time continues but your score freezes until you start tapping again!  If you do not have a racket and ball, use a frying pan and a pair of socks!

Super Slalom run – How many slalom runs can you complete in 60 seconds? Layout 3 objects 3 steps apart, you must run in and out of the objects and back to the start to complete 1 slalom run. This activity is best played outside, where you have lots of space

Air Balloon – Can you keep the balloon up in the air for 60 seconds? If the balloon touches the floor you lose a life. The more lives you lose the lower your score. Record how many lives you lose. If you do not have a balloon, use scrunched up tissue paper or a bag!

Look out for more PE challenges and activities in a week’s time!