Dear Parents and Carers, 

We started our week, in our Gospel assembly, by thinking carefully about the importance of prayer in getting to know Jesus better in just the same way as we get to know our friends better by talking to them and spending time with them. We all challenged ourselves to open our hearts to Jesus through prayer this week. Please do take the time to share in our daily prayer reflections and Tuesday afternoon meditation sessions available through the remote learning page of the website.

As we outlined last week, as a MAC, we will be sharing prayer intentions from all families by creating a special prayer wall at St Augustine’s Catholic High School. If you would like to share a prayer intention, please complete the form attached: 

Remote Learning 

We have been absolutely amazed again this week by the quality of work that the children are producing both through remote learning and in school. Make sure that you take a look at our weekly ‘Amazing Work’ news post! 

We are continuing to look for ways to develop our remote learning provision to ensure that we can be as flexible as possible in meeting the needs of our whole school community.  

This week we added a weekly meditation session to our range of afternoon live event sessions – we hope that pupils and parents enjoyed the opportunity to take a few moments of stillness and reflection in your busy lives.

From next week, the live sessions will be available directly from the remote learning page of the website rather than us sending out individual links. 

We began our weekly Teams class catch up sessions across the school – the staff thoroughly enjoyed being able to see and speak to the children who aren’t currently in school! We miss you all so much! These will now be taking place every week – your teachers look forward to seeing you there. 

We have also issued our KS1 children with O365 log in details so that their teachers will be able to provide feedback on their weekly quizzes which we will be introducing next week. Please make sure that your child has had a go at the test quiz at the bottom of their remote learning page. 

We have added a number of useful links onto the remote learning page including access to e-safety advice and activities for parents and pupils, Oxford Owl, Oak National Library and STEM resources. 

Critical Worker Provision  

In the light of increasing infection rates in Redditch and updated DfE guidance stating that ‘parents and carers who are critical workers should keep children at home if they can’ can parents of critical workers please not send their child into school on days when there is an adult at home to care for them. This will reduce numbers of both adults and children on site reducing the risks to all. 

LFD Home Testing for Staff 

As you will have heard, as from next week staff will be participating in the voluntary lateral flow home testing programme which is designed to identify staff who are asymptomatic, enabling faster self-isolation and in doing so help to break the chain of transmission of covid-19. If a staff member receives a positive LFD test result, we are required to follow the guidance from the Worcestershire Local Outbreak Team in the same way as a pupil or member of staff who has received a positive PCR test. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing: 

Follow the link below to download the ‘Action for Happiness Calendar February 2021’ 

Take care and stay safe 

Mrs Woods 

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