Home Learning

On this page you will find resources and links to help your child with their Maths work in Year 3.

Maths fact fluency targets –  below is a copy of the Maths Passport your child will be working towards completing whilst with us. If you are looking to prepare your child for transition to Year 3 you may want to look at the end of year expectations for Year 2 and 3 and help your child work towards these over the summer. 

Maths Passport – Reception to Year 4

Challenge of the week

Click on the “Hit the Button” icon.

Select “Number Bonds”

Select “Subtraction within 20”

Can you beat 30/30?


Maths Home Learning Lessons

White Rose Maths have launched a ‘home learning’ site where you will find 5 lessons per week.

Summer Term 2 – week 7 continues with Capacity and then Pictograms and Bar Charts (known as Statistics) .
It looks first at comparing capacity then at adding and subtracting capacity. It moves onto reading and drawing Pictograms and Bar Charts.

These are the worksheets from White Rose – Summer 2 Week 6 (Week 11) if you would like to revisit them.

Activities of the week

The best way to learn this topic is practically.
Measuring capacity might be best outside where you could use water to fill lots of different containers, then pour it back into a measuring jug to work out the amount of litres or millilitres the container held. If the weather is warm and you have a paddling pool – this would be the perfect place to do this.
Have fun with your measuring!

This is how we teach the different maths calculations; scroll down to find Year 3

Click for Multiplication & Division